LeadDance/ OPEN CALL: Dance Afrique International Workshop

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danse ecole des sables
Alesandra Seutin | Vocab Dance present Dance Afrique – Experimental Flow at Ecole des Sables, Senegal.
An International Dance Workshop bringing together dancers, choreographers and teachers from the world in one incredible space.
Date: 2-14 APRIL 2018

Participants from Africa and the world will live together, train daily with inspiring and excellent teachers; exchange, discover dances and cultures from one another within Ecole des Sables, an amazing dance centre.

The workshop is open to dancers, choreographers and teachers working in hip-hop, dancehall, afro-dances, jazz dance, contemporary/hybrid forms, club, social dance and street dance styles from the Diaspora. Participants of all the five continents are welcome to apply.

To apply and for more information:
Please send your CV, two photos (portrait/dancing), a short video of one-minute dance solo (YouTube link) and tell us why you want to join Dance Afrique at:

Online registration forms:

Applications are open until January 15, 2018

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